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Kathak an Indian Dance
Kathak an Indian Dance

Tuhin Sarkar
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Friday, March 29, 2013
The origins of Kathak cannot be pin pointed as with other Indian classical dances for it more or less evolved over centuries and over a geographically vast area. Some attribute it to the Mughal Empire but then there is a contradiction for the state religion of that time did not patronize dance. However some of the Mughal kings were known to be fond of art and music and it is speculated that Kathak developed during their reign. Unlike most of the other dances we are not able to find much evidence in ancient sculptures however there is evidence of dance styles that form modern day Kathak. In these paintings one gets a detailed and descriptive insight into the development of this dance. The dance was given a shape by the Vaishnavaite worshippers of Lord Vishu traditions of North India. Kathak dancers maintained a clear distinction between lasya tandava and nritta abhinaya even when performing before kings. The court atmosphere of that period was one where technical perfection was encouraged and hence Kathak imbibed the ideas of abstract design through rhythm from such an environment. Kathak dancers however retained the basic ideas of Indian dance and viewed the concept of abstract as an invocation to God. Kathak focuses essentially on a sheer demonstration of technique.

Posted On : 11/14/2013 9:14:01 PM

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