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Dipen Guha
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Friday, December 25, 2009
`Bastu-Shaap` is yet another landmark by Kaushik Ganguly whose preceding creations `Shabdo`, `Khaad` and `Chotoder Chabi` have undoubtedly of global standard. `Bastu Shaap` poignantly underlines the anathema brought about by flesh and blood and not as a result of constructional or situational disagreement. It is not always vice that brings clouds in the horizon of a family but an uncanny absence of warmth caused by circumstances. The foggy zones of mind and the misty corridor of soul brings about curses. The plot of the movie goes thus a military major undergoes an accident that detriments very important organ of his body and has to get off his official harness. Now he is the owner of a tea-plant. He summons two persons acknowledged to experts in Vastu-Sastra or constructional science as his family is through persistent turmoil. His wife is woebegone. Her only son has been sent to a boarding house as his husband`s sister who has already lost her husband and son was so possessive over her son that he catches at the child as a replacement of her own. Rest be kept as a sealed-book for those who are yet to watch the film. In terms of performances all have done brilliant. Abir as the ex-military person has turned over a new leaf. Henceforth, both audiences and film-makers have to look upon him afresh. Raima Sen as his wife has displayed less with mouth and more with eyes. Parambrata with his temperate disposition appears more matured. He has been metaphorically portrayed as the director`s mouthpiece. His interpretations take after Lord Krishna of the Epic. Churni Ganguly is an actor to the backbone. She does not act she behaves. The portrayal that steals the scepter and crown is none other than the captain, Kaushik Ganguly. He has shown how a piece of casual dialogue, typed gesture, simple expostulation bring forth a dimension of its class- a hue of laughter or an amount of psychological taxation. Cinematography itself is a character in this film. The regular viewers if leave `Bastu-Shaap` unwatched is sure to lose a jewel in the crown of Indian cinema.

Posted On : 1/26/2016 12:27:50 AM

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