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Pattadakal-UNESCO World Heritage Site
Pattadakal-UNESCO World Heritage Site

Drishti Patel
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Friday, August 22, 2014
The town of Pattadakal in Karnataka is a UNESCO recognised World Heritage Site and one of the famous monuments standing there is the Jain Narayana Temple erected by the Rashtrakuta dynasty housing some elegant sculptures. What are the other monumental embodiments that have garnered the town this recognition?

Posted On : 9/23/2016 4:52:33 AM

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Thursday, January 07, 2016
Pattadakal is a village and important tourist spot in Karnataka. Of course its UNESCO recognition is a significant achievement in itself with its monuments dating back to the 8th century. Apart from the elegant Jain Temple, the monuments include `Virupaksha Temple`, the largest and grandest in the group. It was built by queen Lokamahadevi in 745 AD to commemorate the victory of her husband Badami Chalukya king Vikramaditya II over the Pallavas of Kanchi. This temple is also adorned with rich sculptures of Nataraja, Lingodbhava and Ugranarasimha. The temple is also an exact replica of Kailasa Temple of Kanchipuram. Pattadakal is 500 kms from Bangalore. Does anyone native to Bangalore or Karnataka know more about the monuments and temples of this World Heritage Site?

Posted On : 10/3/2016 11:08:28 PM

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Piyush Sethi
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
The Historical Monuments in Karnataka are among the most beautiful and evocative monuments in the world. The ancient monuments in Karnataka rank prime among the manifold tourist attractions of the state.

Posted On : 11/2/2016 5:16:37 AM

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