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Indianetzone Forum Help
1. Profiles
2. Posting Questions
3. Posting Answers
4. Getting Points
5. Guidelines for Posting Comments
6. Guidelines for Contributing Articles
7. Consider the following for a neat write up and better points
1. Profiles
This section contains information about the profiles of the members. You can learn more about the members by clicking on the hyperlinked names. Based on few criteria the profiles of the members are divided into four distinct categories. Guru , Gyani, Gyan shiromoni and Gyan samrat.

Criteria to become members
• Membership is open to any company, organisation or other body with an interest to know about India.

How do we categorize the member?
• On his frequency. Frequency is an important part in categorizing a member. The total count of how frequent he has logged in is taken into consideration whilst categorizing.
• On his contributions. This is yet another parameter to rate a member as his categorisation to a large extent depends on the amount of his contributions.
• On the quality of his contributions. Its just not the quantity, the quality of his contribution is an equally important parameter in determining the category of the member.
• On his voluntary action. We appreciate members taking voluntary action by commenting on the different articles published at the main

2. Posting Questions
Ask Question!!
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Guidelines For Posting Questions:
The term posting here means asking questions. Indianetzone Forum is the platform where you ask about anything Indian; pen down your query to discuss India’s rich heritage and ethnicity of Indian art and culture, Indian society, sports and travels.
• The asker should be on the best of his behaviour and negative behavior such as rudeness, name calling, and racial slurs should be avoided. Picking up fights or to ridicule others should also be avoided.
• Choose a proper title. Choosing a clear and describing title is important, it is the first information someone considering answering your question will read so be very cautious while choosing the title. your title will let a reader decide if the question you are posting is something they can answer. If they from your title can see that the question is outside their knowledge, they can use their time to answer.
• Be elaborate while asking questions. Topics questions like I need help, My questions etc generally fail to generate quality replies. To reach the maximum number of people and to get the right answer therefore your question should be elaborate enough.
• Describe your goal. Use a few sentences describing what you're trying to ask. Be brief and precise
• You must not use chat lingos while asking questions. Use words which you know and try to keep your language simple.
• The support topics and posts should be kept to their proper categories. They should also be specific and detailed, fully explaining the question or what advice you are looking for or exactly you are trying to ask. Good descriptive topic titles are also a requirement.
• Indianetzone forum is vast. It may happen that the question that you are intending to ask is already there. In that case it is advisable not to repeat the same question rather to create a separate thread. Please use the search option.
• is the online journal on everything that is Indian. The forum is also not an exception. Your question therefore should be related to India.
• We do not condone or support posts to websites containing vulgar contents or with questions or remarks with false information.
• Posting using vulgar, explicit and profane languages are also not allowed.
• To create a new thread it is advisable to click on to “New Posts” instead of making the existing thread further longer.
• Username that contain profanity or those are in the form of a URL are not allowed. It is advisable to use your name as the username.
• is not a marketing site hence will never reveal your email id for any business purpose. You are therefore requested to use your original email addresses while logging in.
• Try to be as clear as possible while asking questions, as your question will generate a thousand replies from almost all the part of the globe.
• If you find an inappropriate topic or reply, or a post that has been made in the wrong place that is in the wrong category please use the "Report Post to Moderator" link to report it to us.
• Topics and posts with a feel of advertisement or straightway advertising a member's site or service are not allowed.

3. Posting Answers
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For Posting Answers:
Answers here mean the answers to the questions. In other words it is also known as generating threads. Indianetzone Forum is the chopine where you answer to the questions asked. Showcase your knowledge as you pen down your answers to the questions posted and feel the verve of the forum.
• Make sure you understand and comprehend the question what the user is asking. Take the time to clarify what the user is trying to find out. Try to understand the asker’s goal
• Keep your answers to the point and clear. Use terminology and language that makes your answer easy to understand. The answers should be correct and indeed well researched.
• Do not copy and paste an answer from someone else's site; the preferred method is to understand the question, doing research and then penning down in simple language so that others can comprehend. Simple copy pasting is termed as “theft of intellectual property”.
• The answer should not include any rudeness, name calling or racial slurs. There should not be any link to any personal website, service or any other advertisements.
• Read questions and also the previous answers before answering to a post. While answering if you feel that you view has already being stated earlier then try to give a new answer. It is important to read the entire thread to know more about the different angles of the answers. It is certainly better to be innovative than to be repetitive.
• Reread once again before you post. It takes few minutes to recheck. Before posting your reply Try to see if you have left out important information, or if there are extra information you can supply.
• Be professional. Check yourself from any kind of rudeness, derogatory comments, and sarcastic remarks as these are uncalled and will not be tolerated. Please understand that Indianetzone forum is a meeting place or the designed platform where the Asker, and the contributor work together to know more about India.
• Answer elaborately. You can refer to Indianetzone articles and use links from in case if you think that the site has an answer to the question you are attempting.
• Do not use chat Lingos. Use simple English to answer. Please remember you are answering not to show your expertise but to transfer knowledge. So keeping it short and simple is indeed a better idea.

4. Getting Points
Share Question!!
Help More!!
Earn points!!

Have you ever thought of earning points as you log in, browse, post question or replies ? Well to make your browsing a pleasure and a real experience to look forward we have an attractive point scheme. Earning points in forum is pretty easy. You earn points as soon as you log in, post a question, answer to a question and even comment on an article. Isn’t it just great to think! You earn points even when your answer is chosen as the best answer to a question by our moderator. more...

5. Guidelines For Posting Comments
Commenting is easy. Read the article, assess it, research more on it and pen down your comment to earn points. However,
• Your comment should not reveal a fault finding attitude and should not be a biased one.
• Your comment should be clear and to the point
• Your comment should have an inseparable relation with the content
• Be elaborate and logical while posting comment.
• If you want to incorporate any idea/message/research work in regard to the article pen it down in clear English to support the Indianetzone team.

6. Guidelines For Contributing Articles
Contributing articles means writing article for the main site It’s easy. All you need is doing a thorough research on the topic you choose to write featured at; rest is your creativity and presentation. Let your creativity create magic as you choose to contribute article for and earn Points! However,
• Do not use long sentences with several commas
• Do not employ less popular, tough, ambiguous words
• Do not copy and paste from another site. Take the idea and rephrase properly.
• Do not confuse the reader by giving three four types of info in one para segregate your information paragraph wise
• Try to be precise.
• Do not try to make your write up a replica of the site or the book that you are referring
• Be Original and try to be innovative, it costs nothing to use logic.
• Do not write gossips etc if writing on any personality
• Do not include unnecessary lines to make your article huge .
• Finally try to make your point clear with good but easy English. Its indeed difficult to write easy English
• Do not mix n match UK and US English. Its better to write the UK English.
• In case of using abbreviations the original form should be there with proper introduction of the short form. For example… Pramathesh Chandra Barua, also known as P.C Barua…..
• Only write India centric articles Not a general view…

7. Consider the following for a neat write up and better points
• Have the needs of the audience been kept in mind in the article?
• Have the ideas been adequately developed in the article?
• Are all paragraphs unified and coherent in the article?
• Is there an inherent logical order evident in the placement of each paragraph?
• Do the paragraphs flow smoothly from one to another?
• Does each paragraph serve a logical purpose?
• Could any of the sentences be written more concisely without losing meaning?
• Are the sentences clear and complete?
• Are there sentences that announce what you are going to say or that sum up what have already said, and therefore could be cut?
• Is the piece of writing fair to the subject and to the reader?

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