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snehal gandhi
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Sunday, December 13, 2009
I want to know about everything about jain religion .

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Posted On : 12/13/09 1:17:47 AM

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Jainism appeared at about the time of Buddha Siddhartha.They are a branch of hindu thought,popular in the nothern india mostly.They preach hinduism with minor deviations,like just most of branches.They also influenced Chandragupta Maurya about 300 BC,the famous first Mauryan emperor so,that he left his royal position & went to practise austerities & yoga to Kerala or Karnataka,he died there during his activities of the sort.If you find more please message me,i need such info myself :

Posted On : 01/03/10 3:28:08 AM

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Dipen Guha
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Friday, December 25, 2009
The Jaina religion is usually regerded as being founded by Vardhamana Mahavira. According to the orthodox jaina fath, however, Mahavira is only the last of a long series of illustrious teachers, to whom the religious sect owes its origin and development. These teachers, called Tirthankaras , are twenty four in number. The tweny-third Tirthankara, Parsva, seems to have had a real existence. The outline of his life and activity has a striking coincidence with that of Gautam Buddha. It appears that Mahavira accepted, in the main, the religious doctrines of Parsva, but reformed them by some additions and alterations. Parsva laid stress on self-control and penance as well as on the four great commandments, viz 1 Thou shalt tell the truth, 2 Thou shalt possess no property, 3 Thou shalt not injure any living being, and 4 Thou shalt observe chastity. Mahavira added another by asking his followers to discard the use of clothes, and more about completely naked. Jainism, very much like Buddhism, laid stress on a pure and moral life. Both emphasised the effects of good and bad deeds upon a man s future births. Jaina community is divided into two sects- Swetambaras and the Digambaras. The existing sacrd texts, the twelve Angas belong exclusively to the Swetambaras.

Posted On : 01/15/10 10:51:02 AM

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