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The correct version of a classical sanskrit text
The correct version of a classical sanskrit text

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
I wanna know about the weird differences among different reductions of The Brmha Sutras.Whenever I visit a web sitte to watch its original sanskrit texts,I find these weirdly differnt in some places.It seems none knows even which reduction is the correct one.Its SOO strange,really.Isn t it the famous throughout the world text to be in doubt about its contents?I hear the Vedas ONLY have a foundable original text.Like in case a vedic sholar takes a look at a copy of The Rig Veda,he can establish by a special method whether the copy is correctly copied or not.So the other texts-not shruti ones-am I to be ever in doubt about their consistense?A text either is correctly seen in the way its author left it to us ,or in case its wrongly copied it looses its power,just as a radio set cannot bring you any stations to hear from it in case its original parts are somehow replaced with other ones.How the text version,left by the author HIMSELF is found?Thank You

Posted On : 01/03/10 3:12:40 AM

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Andreas Leitz
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Sunday, November 21, 2010
the only way to find the autors textversion is to look on his original manuskript. For this you have to know in which library the text is preserved. The biggest problem is to find this original manuskript if it is still existing. In former times writers used to be very careful when they copied sacred texts but in the online texts of sanskrit texts you can find many differences in the texts between the different web sites.These differences you find also in published books on different Sanskrit texts. It depends on the manuscript the publisher used to print. There is no real solution for this problem because mostly the written text of the author is lost so we have to use the aviable versions and compare them with each other. In the case the copy has mistakes we deal with a wrong text.

Posted On : 11/26/10 5:02:16 AM

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srinath gangoor
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Monday, November 29, 2010
u vil find it difficult to get the original bhrama sutr bhashava . u vil get it through gorkapur press or called gita press. but since there are many different opinions made by different potiffs jagadgurus like madhwacharya / or shankaracharya so the meaning lagely differ. but u vil get the true unchanged text at gita bhavan - gorakhpur press

Posted On : 11/29/10 9:11:21 AM

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