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Should prostitution be legalised in india?
Should prostitution be legalised in india?

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
I frequently keep reading abt human trafficking and sexual harrasment in India in the newspapers. I think legalising prostitution in India could help solve this problem to a very large extent. Wat do u think?

Posted On : 02/16/10 10:46:46 AM

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Maniam PS
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
I tend to agree with your propsal Vaibhavbatra. Many Western and some Asian countries have legalised prostitition and to a certain extent their problem of sexual harassment has actually reduced. Further, the flesh trade has brought about better tourism and forieign currency earnings to the countries concerned.

Posted On : 02/23/10 9:56:43 PM

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Dipen Guha
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Friday, December 25, 2009
Prostitution is, with utmost probability, the oldest trade in vogue under the sun. As for India, the practice dates back to time immemorable. In our two Great Epics we have references to it. In the works of Manu, Patanjali, Sudraka the references to prostitution can be had. Mrichhakatikam by Sudraka speaks volumes about this practice and in it the dominant character Bandansena is a harlot. The kalas mentioned in Vatsayan s Kamsutra are believed to have been adopted from courteasans quarters. But prostitutes are ever dismembered from the main stream of the civilised society. The immediate cause of indulging in this trade is, of course, financial stringency. It has been experienced that following some natural calamity, like femine this prctice looks up alarmingly. Apart from this, indulgence in prostitution can be situational and circumstantial. In this age of consumerism, making the body a salable commodity has become a bold phenomenan. An educated young girl or a house wife may unknowingly get entrapped by this demonical octopus to discover herself tarnished as whore. Legalising prostitution bids little to bring down sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is not committed because sex is rigid, but because sex is open. Prostitutes are sexually harassed more than the commoners. A professional prostitute deals in her body which cannot be an open treasury to be lootd or plundered at any point of time. Prostitution ought to be legalised, not with a plea to subside sexual harassment, but in view of a trade for a trade s sake. One has to bear in mind that impotency or libido of the opposite sex may too lead to prostitution. Those who indulge in sexual harassments do hardly prove that they are sexually sound. It is a kind of impotency that is craftilly concealed by an exposure of sexual harassment.

Posted On : 03/26/10 7:21:07 AM

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