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The Christmas Spirit
The Christmas Spirit

Maniam PS
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Christmas to most of us means lots of fun food decorated Christmas tree and Santa Claus riding across the skies in his magic reindeer sledge bringing gifts to us. Yes Christmas is all that and more. Behind the fun and frolic is a deeper philosophy that we will want to know understand and foster for a better life and a better world. Those of you who have read the bible will recall Paradise was lost when Adam ate the apple. God promised to send His only Son Christ to regain paradise. The birth of Christ was to erase Adam s sin against God and give man a second chance at paradise. Christ s birth life and death are a unique God - man interaction that demonstrates God s love for man. Christ s life revolved around infinite love truth equality and sharing. His best and greatest message is that the world revolves on love for all of God s creation. Christ is best remembered for his exposition on love when he extolled the virtues of love to its ultimate limits with his ever enduring phrase love your neighbor as yourself. Christ did not stop there. He immortalized that phrase with the most remarkable story ever told The story of the good Samaritan. At his crucifixion He closed his life on words of love Father forgive them for they know not what they do. His message is clear love your neighbor if you want to inherit heaven. The spirit of Christmas is love compassion and reverence for our neighbors. God in his simplicity expects all men will follow in Christ s footsteps and love their fellow human beings as much as they love themselves. Let us all believe and contribute to that spirit. The spirit of Christmas requires you forget what you have done for other people and remember what others have done for you to forget what the world owes you and understand what you owe the world to put your rights in the background and your duties in the forefront to realize that your fellow men are just as real as you are and you want to look behind their faces into their hearts and feel that they are hungry for love and joy just as you to learn from life that the only good reason for your existence is not what you are going to get out of life but what you are going to give to life to close your book of complaints on life and look around where you can sow even a few seeds of love and compassion that will nourish even a few fellow humans and put a cheer on their faces even for a day then you can celebrate Christmas in the spirit in which Christ was born MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES

Posted On : 12/19/10 10:26:44 PM

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