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Khatu Shyam ji Shyam Baba The Indian God
Khatu Shyam ji Shyam Baba The Indian God

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Saturday, February 12, 2011
Lord Krishna delighted with Barbareek s great sacrifice Sheesh Dhan granted him the boon that when Kaliyug come downs he would be worshipped by the name of Shyam in his form. shyam baba known krishna God of Hindu religionHis devotees would be blessed just by pronouncing his name from inside their hearts. Their wishes would be granted and jobs would be completed if they worship Shyamji with a true heart and with great piety and believe. Khatushyam ji is a name of hindu kalivug god which has only Sheesh head and his head s story is wonderful for every one. Khatushyamji is a name and appearance of Barbarika son of Ghatotkacha. Discovery of Sheesh in Khatu After the Mahabharata battle Barbarika s head Sheesh was buried in the village Khatu in Sikar District . The location was obscured until well after the Kaliyuga period began. Then on one time milk started flowing suddenly out of a cow s udder when she neared the burial spot. surprised at this incident the local villagers dug the spot the buried head of Barbarik was discovered.Shyam Baba Temple The head was handed over to a Brahmin who worshipped it for many days. Roopsingh Chauhan king of that time of Khatu then had a dream where he was motivated to build a temple and set up the head there. Afterward a temple was built and the idol was installed on the 11th day of the Shukla Paksha bright half of the month of Kartik. After establishing this temple countless miracles done here and a lot of bhagats come to observe this khatu shyam ji temple. Shyam Kund s Story There is another only a little different version of this legend. Roopsingh Chauhan was the ruler of Khatu. His wife Narmada Kanwar once had a dream in which the holy being instructed her to take his illustration out of the earth. The indicated place now known as Shyam Kund when then dug up. Sure enough it yielded the idol which was appropriately enshrined in the temple. Khatu Temple History The original temple was built in 1027 AD by Roopsingh Chauhan and his wife Narmada Kanwar. In 1720 AD a nobleman known as Diwan Abhaisingh renovated the old temple at the behest of the then ruler of Marwar. The temple took its present shape at this time and the idol was enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum. The idol is made of rare stone. Khatushyam is the family deity of a large number of families.The temple is constructed of pure white Makrana marble and is an example of unique architecture. The idol is in form of a head SHISH which appeared in the holy pond as Shyam Kund. The SHISH was retrieved and was instituted in the temple Architectural features The temple is architecturally rich. Lime mortar marble Krishana form Shyam Baba and tiles have been used in constructing the structure. The shutters of the sanctum sanctorum are beautifully covered with silver sheet. Outside is the prayer hall named Jagmohan. its walls are highly painted depicting legendary scenes. The entrance gate and exit gate are made of marble their brackets are also of marble and feature ornamental floral designs Precincts .Baba Shyam ke Aashirvad se khushiyo ki bel sada hari rahegi There is an open space in front of the entrance gate of the temple. The Shyam Bagicha is a garden near the temple from where flowers are picked to be offered to the god. The Samadhi of Aloo Singh a great devotee is located within the garden. The Gopinath temple lies to the south-east of the main temple. The Gaurishankar temple also lies nearby. There is an interesting tale associated with the Gaurishankar temple. It is said that some soldiers of the mughal emperor Aurangzeb wanted to destroy this temple. They attacked the Shiva lingam enshrined within this temple with their spears. Immediately fountains of blood appeared from the Shiva Linga. The soldiers ran away terrified. One can still see the mark of the spear on the Lingam. View More http //

Posted On : 02/12/11 3:51:17 AM

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