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Care for your Back as you get into your Car
Care for your Back as you get into your Car

spinalogy clinic Shete
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Monday, July 15, 2013
One s car is an essential component of one s life. Making the car seat comfortable for your back should therefore be a prime concern for anyone. In today s hectic world it is quite unavoidable to spend long periods of time sitting in the car seat. This combined with the vibration of the vehicle affects the discs of the lower back to a great extent. Getting in and out of the vehicle can also be a source of injury for your back. Strains and sprains are common back injuries occurring with the twists associated with settling into the car seat. The car seat itself can be a source of pain Car seats are often ill designed and not suited to the contours and curves of your back. This hampers the support the seat must provide to the spine in sitting. Indian road conditions add further problems to this equation as jerks and shocks from translating from the potholes on the road can frequently add to the injury. Your posture while seated in the car is also a major factor for neck and back pain. A common occurrence is the forward head posture while driving as you try to concentrate and peer at the road. This can lead to shortening and tightness if the neck muscles and lead to postural neck pain & dysfunctions. At Spinalogy we believe in educating you and taking care of all aspects of Back pain. Postural corrections and modifications in the car with simple accessories is part of the care offered at the Spinalogy clinic. This coupled with our individualized treatment plans can address all your back pain worries. Tips for a healthy back While getting in and out of the car do not twist or bend and sit instead lower yourself into the seat while keeping your feet on the ground then swivel your pelvis and place one leg inside the car followed by the second see the photographs . When getting out reverse the process by placing one leg on the ground and then the other and then standing up. This will prevent an awkward rotation of the back which happens when you try to stand up directly after placing only one leg on the ground. When seated maintain a good distance from the pedals. Sit right into the back of the seat and have your shoulders in line with your lower back. The head and neck should be comfortable position and head must be in line with the shoulders. The hands must rest on the steering wheel in a ten-to two clock position with the elbows bent to about 45 degrees. Stretch out the neck whenever possible at traffic signals or while waiting in traffic while driving long distances take frequent breaks to reduce the strain on your back.

Posted On : 07/15/13 2:07:25 AM

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