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What is the relation between vastu and health
What is the relation between vastu and health

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013
The whole Universe consists of five elements of nature and human life is dependent on five gyan indriyas and karm indriyas. The elements of nature or Panchabhuta affect human life physically and spiritually. Vaastu in its true sense means the proper use of panchabhutas. Vayu is important for ventilation. Windows should be constructed at proper sites for cross-ventilation. There should be flow of wind from south-west to north-east depending on the pattern of monsoons. Adequate sunlight should be allowed in the house as it is essential for human life. Water is the useful life force. The right location of underground and overhead tanks ensures supply of water purified through sunrays. Levelling of land and proper flow towards north-east gives tranquility to body and mind as the earth is the most important element Take a glance on the some useful vaastu tips given below- Head should not be facing north while sleeping. It must be towards south or east direction only. You will surely have a peaceful sleep. At the time of cooking eating and drinking avoid facing south west and south direction. Make sure your face is toward east or west during eating. It will enhance the taste and improve digestion system of the body. Similarly if your back is towards the door while cooking then it could cause some serious health problems like leg-pain and back ache pain in shoulders and even cervical. Basil plant or Tulsi purifies the air and thus has a great significance. So keep a Tulsi at home. Avoid keeping rubber plant cactus bonsai and milky plant. They only add to the stress illness and inhibit the children s growth. There should be no staircase in the centre of house. Moreover the stairs kitchen and toilet should not be constructed on the north- east side Burning a candle in southeast direction is always good for health. Do not use space below stairs for store toilet bathroom or anything else. The roofs and walls colour should not be same. Additionally there should not be any tree facing window or entrance door. These enhance the negativity. Placing a convex mirror on exterior wall will diminish the effect. Regards

Posted On : 03/11/13 4:21:40 AM

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