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Prevention and promotion of health with Unani concepts
Prevention and promotion of health with Unani concepts

azizur rahman
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Sunday, August 11, 2013
Prevention and promotion of health are very necessary for every steps of life. We should be curious about good health. There are so many factors which affect the health indirectly like environment/air diet drinks physical movement and repose mental response sleep and wakefulness retention and elimination etc. If these factors are normal then health exists. Atmospheric air affects the health 1. Har Hawa Hot air -Excess of Har Hawa causes over sweating sun burn fatigueness oligouria indigestion if it is moderate causes best blood circulation on periphery of the body and helpful in digestion. 2. Barid Hawa Cold air - It is also responsible for proper digestion good metabolism and absorption of food in gastro intestinal tract. 3. Ratab Hawa Moist air - It is very beneficial for all ages because it is responsible for healthy skin but it is more prone to infection. 4. Yabis Hawa Dry air - It makes the skin unhealthy and hard in texture. Seasons Affect the Health Ibn-e-Sina Avicenna noted that the change of environment/season relieves the patients of many diseases. He also emphasized the need for open airy houses with proper ventilation. a. Fasl-e- Rabi Spring season - It is very useful for health because its Mizaj temperament is like that of blood. The disadvantages of this season is that there are so many chronic diseases appear again like Arthritis Melancholia Pharyngitis Haemoptysis Paralysis Chronic dysentery these problems are due to over activity over mental response Stress Anger Fear and over consumption of spicy food. So we have to take prevention before the disease. b. Fasl-e-Saif Summer season - It is hot and dry. Production of Safra is more in this season and causes Safrawi diseases like Nausea Vomiting Bilious fever Ascites Conjunctivitis measles nettle rash chicken pox etc. so we should take cold beverages cold bathing away from direct sun light and take plenty of water. c. Fasl-e-Khareef Autumn season - Due to its coldness retention of Safrawi Khilt occurs in the body and causes Safrawi diseases like ring worm Pruritis Sciatica Tonsillitis Intestinal worms etc. These are due to indigestion change in weather weakness of body and internal power becomes unable to work properly. So we have to improve the digestion and take plenty of water. d. Fasl-e-Shita Winter season - It is cold and moist in nature and causes Balghami diseases like Rhinitis Rhynorrhoea Cough Pleurisy Pneumonia Leukoderma Lypoma and Arthralgia joint pain etc. How to prevent the diseases 1. Prevention in Rabi Spring season - It is possible by Venesection Vomiting away from hot bathing hard rum and over eating etc. We should wear the cotton and light cloths. 2. Prevention in Saif Summer season - We have to take more rest in this season less physical activity away from sun light. We should take cold foods citrus fruits like Water melon Pomegranate Cucumber and Aloo Bokhara Plums etc and easy digestible foods. We should not take hot and dry foods to prevent the indigestion. We should wear the Katan very thin cotton cloths to cool the body. Application of Javitri Mace paste on the forehead. 3. Prevention of health in Khareef autumn season - Refrain from taking dry fruits and foods. Away from excess coitus in this season. Don t take cold water and bath to prevent the common cold and lung disease. Cover the head properly in early morning and late night to prevent the respiratory diseases. 4. Prevention of health in Sarma winter season - We should wear proper dresses in winter. Proper hot diet like Haleem pulses with meat has to take. We have to take more meat to produce more blood. Instead of these foods we should take spicy foods and rum. Perform heavy exercise to excrete out the waste material through skin. Application of Laung clove paste on the forehead. Ghiza Food/Diet Arastu Aristotle stated that every life is depending upon diet nutritive faculty and innate energy. Proper diet is very necessary for health of all ages. Because of deficiency of proper diet chances of disease increases Selection of diet is very necessary for good health. In Infants Jalinoos Galen said only mother milk should be the diet for child before the out coming of teeth and then can give the liquid diet. In Children In this age diet regimen should contain more protein vitamins enzymes minerals and fatty acids to maintain the health and growth. This age is more prone to infections. So we should maintain the immunity and preventive aspects and give liquid and easy digestible diet etc. Due to protein energy malnutrition PEM there are two fatal diseases develop in children that is Marasmus and Kwashiorkor. Instead of these two diseases Anemia Night blindness Scurvy Stomatitis etc occur. In adults and old ages Don t take beverages and simple water after heavy meal because it leads to indigestion and other gastric problems. We should take first soft food and then hard foods Jalinoos . Anyone who wants to be healthy so he/she should take same type of diet in small quantity Razi . Ali Bin Rabban Tabri stated that we should take choice of foods at the time of full hunger and should take rest after taking meal . We should avoid taking the spicy food in summer and cold food in winter season. The old age is also more prone to diseases because innate energy Quwat-e-manat immune system and nutritive faculty become weak. The elderly people should take light and nutritious diet which having anti oxidants vitamin C and E to prevent the atherosclerosis. Refrain from taking fatty diets like meats dalda ghee etc. In very elderly person don t give Ghiza-e-Barid cold diets . Jalinoos Galen stated that elderly person should take food thrice daily according to their Mizaj temperament . Drinks/Water Water is mean/source for traveling of nutrition to the cells. Drinking of salt water makes the body weak and dry. It may develop Pruritis through the alteration of blood chemistry and also cause loose motions. If we take bath with salty water lice becomes dead and under skin blood clotting dissolves. Instead of these benefits it is useful in Paralysis tremors and Paraces etc. Internal use of Alum water is beneficial for Leucorrhoea Haemoptysis and Bleeding Piles etc. Water having excess iron content leads to splenomegally and also acts as an Aphrodisiac improves sexual health . Water having excess copper content useful in Ascites and improves liver functions. Rain water leads to nervous disorders but can use after boiling. Recommendations and Restrictions for the consumption of water 1- Buqrat Hippocrate stated that we should not take water in the mid night hours to avoid indigestion which is due to weakness of innate energy. 2- Very child water consumption leads to nervous and respiratory problems especially in children and elderly people. 3- Ibn-e-Sina Avicenna stated that hot water causes indigestion nausea and sometimes leads to ascites and makes the body weak. Luke warm water is useful in constipation but excess of this harms the stomach functions. 4- Ibn-e-Nafis stated that we should not take water on empty stomach after exercise coitus taking heavy purgatives Hammam taking dry fruits and after taking of water melon and sweat melon. 5- Har Mizaj hot temperament persons should use the juice of pomegranate apple lemon and pineapple etc. Physical movement and repose Physical activity is necessary for the activation of innate energy and to excrete the waste products of the body. Rest is necessary to save the body temperature and body fluids. Excess of both causes coldness of the body because motion leads to decrease the innate fluids as well as excess of rest increases the body fluid which decreases the innate energy Majusi . Rest helps in digestion and motion disturbs the digestion. Riazat exercise - It is a voluntary movement of the organs. It is key source to maintain the health. Ibn-e-Sina stated that if we do proper exercise at proper time we will be away from diseases. Exercise helps the growth of muscle and ensures nutrition increase blood supply and proper functioning of excretory system. Types of Riazat- Horse riding football playing respiration in open air cycling swimming boating running slow sound hearing and sit up walking etc. Common instructions for Riazat- Selection of moderate Riazat. It should be according to age Body capacity. Massage before exercise. Punctuality. Taking of bath after moderate exercise. Continue the Riazat until unless the skin becomes red more sweating occur. Oil massaging over body after exercise. Benefits of Riazat- 1-It excretes out the waste products improves the innate energy which makes the body active and able to resist the diseases. 2-It makes the muscle and joints strong. 3-Organs become able to accept the nutrition. 4-It increases the rate of absorption in the organs. 5-Digestion becomes well due to increase peristaltic movement. 6-Moderate Riazat leads to increase blood circulation in the body. 7-Moderate Riazat maintains the buffering of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide in the lungs. 8-It is main source for the growth of brain through increase blood circulation in the brain. Best time for Riazat- a- The best time in summer season is early morning and in winter at evening hours. b- It should perform same time and same type of Riazat daily yields good results. c- Don t exercise on empty stomach as well as full of stomach while little food present in the stomach. Dalak massage - It is type of exercise. It pushes the waste products in the blood to excrete out. Dalak sulb massage with tight hand causes hardness of the body. Dalak layyan massage with soft hand causes softness of the body. Dalak kaseer over massaging makes the body lean and thin. Dalak motadil moderate massaging makes the body fatty. Dalak khishn massage with rough cloths increase peripheral blood circulation. Mental responses- Don t be stressful because it causes constipation gastric ulcer cardiac problems general weakness and other mental problems. Away from anxiety and depression because they lead to other social problems. Cardio vascular problems may develop due to anger and sadness. Happiness prevents social problems cardiac problems and gastric problems etc. Sleep and wakefulness- Proper sleep and wakefulness are necessary because it is main instrument to maintain the digestion and activeness of the body. Excess of sleeping causes coldness weakness laziness in the body and headache etc and may develop the Balghami diseases like Arthralgia likewise excess of wakefulness causes dryness in the body and indigestion. The lack of sleep is said to cause dissipation of energy mental weakness and digestive disturbances. Sleep is a necessity related to activity of the heart and beneficial in Melancholic patients. Precautionaly we should cover the body during sleep. Normal sleep maintains normal blood physiology and strengthens the body. It provides rest to the mental faculty. Over sleeping weakens the body disturbs the humor concentration and headache. Don t sleep on empty stomach and in the afternoon because it develops the laziness paleness of the body diseases of spleen nervous sluggishness and disturb hunger. The person having common cold should not sleep in day hours. Wakefulness is also necessary to improve the hunger. Excess of wakefulness produces dryness in the body indigestion improper function of brain alteration of brain temperament. Normal wakefulness improves the innate energy sensory and motor functions. Istifragh wa Ehtibas elimination and retention - Istifragh elimination - It is a medical terminology used in Unani system of medicine which means the elimination of waste products from the body naturally like urination defecation sweating and menstrual bleeding etc and abnormally due to disease through sneezing coughing loose motions and vomiting. Istifragh is necessary to promote the health. Types of Istifragh- Sweating urination vomiting loose motion normal defecation Venesection cupping leeching sneezing coughing enema Epistaxis breast feeding coitus eye secretions etc. Effects of excess Istifragh elimination - Excess of Istifragh makes the body weak litharge. Majusi It leads to coldness& dryness in the body. Sometime it produces obstruction. Sometime occurrence of tetanic condition observes. Innate energy becomes weak. Ehtibas Retention - Production of waste and useful products in the body after taking meal so useful products should retain in the body and waste should eliminate. Abnormal retention of fecal matter leads to infection and other problems like colic pain peritonitis gangrene flatulence piles anal fissure intestinal obstruction and rectal prolaps so we should use the laxative like spinach Injeer Figs olive oil and enema etc. Retention of nasal fluid in common cold leads to pneumonia coughing and bronchitis so we should try to excrete out the nasal discharge. Retention of urine is leading cause of renal and urinary bladder stones nephritis and urinary tract infections etc. Retention of menstrual blood leads to genital tract infections so we should take plenty of water to avoid this. Due to abnormal Istifragh through skin some diseases occur like Psoriasis seborrhea dermatitis and acne etc it should minimize with Hammam Hot bath proper exercise and massage etc. These all above discussions are very useful tools for prevention and promotion of health. AZIZUR RAHMAN

Posted On : 08/11/13 9:59:56 PM

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