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Happy holi
Happy holi

janvi kapoor
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Wednesday, March 04, 2009
Though Holi is purely an Indian festival it is gradually appealing to the international populace as well. The splendor and charisma of the festival is such that it is celebrated far beyond the boundaries of the country. The secular character of Holi is established by the fact that people residing in different parts of the world soak themselves in the colors of Holi. Indians have spread to the different corners of the globe contributing to the fact that Holi festival is celebrated widely. This festival knows no bars no boundaries. The gusto and the bonhomie with which it is celebrated is simply worth seeing. People play with colors light a bonfire called Holika and celebrate the victory of good over evil. The world has become a global village and all the barriers related to caste color religion and region are fading away. This is exactly what the festival of Holi propagates. Universal brotherhood unity and peace are some of the virtues preached by it. The festival provides people with an opportunity to mingle with each other thereby improving their ties and bonds. The Indians settled abroad are even more eager to celebrate the festival as it reminds them of their motherland and their loved ones. Like India they also exchange sweets and greet each other. The spirit of festivity binds them to their roots. A break from the hum drum of daily life Holi provides an opportunity to soak them in the colors of harmony. Holi festival is celebrated with ardor in the countries like USA and UK. These countries constitute a sizeable population of Indians which tells us the reason why the festival is observed with such gaiety here. In USA religious organizations and societies take the responsibility of organizing the festival. Music programs and meets are conducted to fill the air with the spirit of India. New York is completely dabbled by the colorful waters. Holi is marked by parades and attended by Indians rejoicing playing with colors in the midst. The charm of the festival is enriched by dance performances fashion shows and music concerts presented by the glitzy glamorous Bollywood stars. On the other hand in UK the revelry of the festival is seen profoundly at places with a large congregation of Indians. The British city of Leicester is particularly known for its love for celebrating Indian festivals. The enthusiasm reaches its peak on the occasion of Holi. The joyous festival is marked with social gatherings and exchange of sweets.

Posted On : 03/09/09 2:48:34 AM

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Ragamala Chakraborty
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
what i feel that the Indian celebrations has their own pulse to define the verve of India and at the same time to unite all.The color of Holi indeed binds all. and as you very well said that India is now a day a global village so very well the pulse of Indian festivals have crossed the country and reached all.

Posted On : 03/13/09 5:44:37 AM

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Bidyut Sinha
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Friday, August 08, 2008
Holi symbolizes dawn, light, life and a surge of energy. Holi, a festival, which begins at night, suggests destruction of evil and a hope of good. The origin of Holi is not specific, though many mythological legends are described for its celebration. It is older than the current legends explained for its origin. Holika was Hiranyakashyapu s evil sister, who was immune to fire and she had gained this power, after a long penance. So he told her to use the same for killing his son Prahlad, by sitting on a pyre with Prahlad on her lap. But, instead Prahlad came out of the fire alive and scar free, but in the due process Holika was burnt to death, since her powers lost their effect before Pralhad s faith. Thus, this day is celebrated to commemorate the good s victory over evil Holika . Another narrative of the love of Lord Krishna and Radha is prevalent. Lord Krishna often told his mother, Yashodha, about Radha who unlike him was fair in complexion. So one day, his mother told him to try some colour on her, to see a change in her complexion. Thus, Krishna took different colours and coloured Radha and the Gopis. Radha and Gopis were reluctant to play with colours but they enjoyed it. This instance thus, became an occassion of merry-making every year, where Krishna continued this festival in Vrindavan, Gokul, Nandgaon, Barsana. Thus, this celebration introduced colours to Holi. It is this mischievous spirit of courtship that enters this festival and Holi, thus honours the divine love of Radha and Krishna.

Posted On : 03/16/09 5:05:18 AM

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Parineeta Rai
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
To me Holi is just more than the festival of colours. It is the symbol of a new beginning, the embodiment of the concept of dawn light, life and energy. his festival knows no bars, no boundaries and Universal Brotherhood is indeed the very kernel of this festival. Enjoy Holi to understand the true verve of India

Posted On : 03/18/09 6:19:56 AM

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