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Snakes in Punjab
Snakes in Punjab

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
i want to know about species of snakes found in punjab and its farms...and their habitats..whether venomous or not...Please... .and Snake cells of punjab..Ludhiana.

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Posted On : 01/22/09 5:26:54 AM

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Sunday, October 12, 2014
There are many types of snakes in Punjab. The most commonly seen is the Indian rat snake. It can grow up to 6 feet long and is a big fast snake. It is nonpoisonous and rids us of rats. There are some types of poisonous snakes also found mainly cobra, krait and the viper family. Contact with any snake is to be avoided. Keep your environs clear of shrubs and debris and brick piles which are common hiding spots.

Posted On : 10/12/14 8:30:46 PM

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Romi Wadala
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014
In case of a snake bite firstly stay calm. Then try to identify the type of snake from its looks, color etc. If you have help kill it and put it in a box and bring to hospital. Educate your self and look at pictures of various snakes found in your area. Poisonous snakes have two fangs so after a bite from a poisonous snake a person will have two or sometimes one puncture /bite marks. The non poisonous types have many teeth but no fangs so their bite will have no puncture but only many teeth marks. In case you think the bite to be venomous you have to transfer the person to a civil hospital quickly and without exerting the person so his heart rate stays low and there is less blood circulation. The affected limb is not to be moved for the same reason. A pressure bandage should be tied on the limb between the bite and the position of heart to slow the spread of venom however it should not be very very tight. The limb might also swell due to venom. In case of leg the person should remain seated and not walk about. Wash the bite area with soap. Do not cut or suck the bite area.

Posted On : 10/15/14 9:02:12 PM

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