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List of classical languages
List of classical languages

siddalingayya B. Kanakalmath
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Friday, October 31, 2008
I have got details of Indian classical languages. But please send us a seperate list of the languages which have got classical status till this year along with the year of declaration. thank you Siddalingayya

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Posted On : 10/31/08 11:35:44 PM

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Maniam PS
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
My inderstanding is that there are only two languages which has been declared as Classiclal Languages of India of which one is Sanskiri and the other Tamil. Betwen the said two languages, I believe that Tamil is the oldest spoken language.

Posted On : 04/06/09 1:34:00 AM

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Darshil Jal daru khanewala
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Friday, December 21, 2007
Classical languages are those, which are ancient, of an independent tradition, not a derivative of any other tradition, and its rise was on its own. Classical languages have a vast and rich reserve of ancient literature. A language that has a broad influence over an extended period of time, even after it is no longer a conversational mother tongue in its original form is reckoned as the classical language. As the spoken forms of the language deviate away from the classical written language over centuries, classical language appear to be a kind of language that no one learns as a native language. Classical languages have supplied prototypes for the languages that depend on them. These languages dependent for styles of verse and prose, grammatical descriptions, literary genres, pronouncements on usage, and philosophical and other texts. Classical languages have a body of literature, preserved in manuscript form and organized into a norm that may be scriptural. There are just five languages that have had overpowering significance as carriers of culture. They are classical Chinese, Sanskrit, Arabic, Greek, and Latin. As a part of the classical languages in India Sanskrit is the oldest spoken language, and Sanskrit literature contains a very rich dramatic and poetic tradition that is not only connected with religious texts of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism but also astronomy, dance medicine, music which have more technical aspects. Famous works like Kautilya s Arthashastra is important in this context as an institutional base. Tamil on the other hand is Dravidian in characteristic and based in south India but is widely spoken all over the world. This also has an ancient history and has literary work dating to over 2000 years. Therefore classical languages are like parent bodies which are responsible for the development of literature and languages in a wider sense. These languages have various associations in the contemporary scenario and will remain an integral part of this whole linguistic system.

Posted On : 04/11/09 3:05:32 AM

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