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about school of art in rajasthan
about school of art in rajasthan

devansh nuwal
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Friday, April 10, 2009
please send me address & phone no. of Bundi school of art & Kota school of art.

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Posted On : 04/10/09 6:52:43 AM

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Manpreet Bharara
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009
i happened to visit Bundi and appreciated the art. Reaching Bundi was like being transported in time to a medieval era. The small town is surrounded by the Aravalli hills on three sides and is circumscribed by a massive wall with four gateways. Taragarh Fort and the Garh Palace dominate the rocky hills, where are found one of the finest murals in the history of Rajput art, painted in the Hara style of the Bundi School of Art. We realized that we were in the midst of a living, thriving culture, with interesting monuments including forts, palaces, havelis, temples with stone idols, baoris step-wells and chhatris with intricately carved pillars, and the scenic lakes - Sukh Mahal lake and the artificial lake of Nawal Sagar. However, Bundi s greatest achievement lies in its distinctive school of art, which together with other styles of Rajasthani paintings has played an important role in the development of Indian art. The decoration of dwellings and other household objects was one aspect of the creative genius of the Rajasthani people, but the world of miniature paintings is perhaps the most fascinating style that has existed here and is famous the world over. From the 16th century onwards, different schools of paintings have flourished like the Mewar, Jaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, Kishengarh, Shekhawati, Marwar and the Bundi-Kota schools. Rajasthani school of paintings gained elegance in Bundi and Kota.

Posted On : 04/11/09 12:48:06 AM

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Ragamala Chakraborty
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
A visit to the Bundi palace, perched majestically on the hill overlooking the Bundi town and Nawal Sagar lake, introduced us to one of the finest examples of Rajput architecture. The beauty of intricately carved brackets, pillars, balconies and sculpted elephants is seen in the Diwan-I-Am, Hathi Pol and the Naubat Khana. Also located in the palace is the famous Chitra Shala: a fascinating pavilion and a gallery of miniature murals of the Bundi school embellishing the walls and ceiling. Colourful glimpses of history are provided by these paintings depicting hunting and court scenes, festivals, processions, animal and bird life, and scenes from the Raagmala and Raaslila - Lord Krishna s life story. Also, courtly luxuriance and prosperity have been exhibited, major themes being young princesses looking into a mirror, plucking flowers and playing musical instruments. Graceful, well-proportioned bodies and sharp features bring out the elegance of the female figure. The gestures of the subjects of the paintings express more than their looks.

Posted On : 04/11/09 12:51:22 AM

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Chetan Juneja
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Monday, April 28, 2008
It was right after the downfall of the Mughal Empire Rajput miniatures flourished under the princely patronage by the successors of the erstwhile craftsmen. The classical element and aura of these paintings still reverberate the conventional artistry of the Rajasthani School of paintings amidst their colour treatment and texture.arious types of Rajasthani Schools of painting flourished in Rajasthan from the 16th century onwards. Great names in these schools of paintings are- the Mewar School, Bundi School, Kota School, Bikaner School, Jaipur School, Marwar School and Kishangarh School. Each Rajasthani school of painting has its distinct and unique style whilst representing the hills, colours and palaces of Rajasthan. It is indeed interesting that in Rajasthan the art of mural painting received a new lease of life with the painting of the havelis and palaces which was then in vogue in the early 18th century. Amongst the Rajasthani schools of painting the school of Kota, Bundi and Bikaner adapted some of the typical conventions of the Mughal miniature. The much followed depictions of these murals are battles and the processions and folk deities. Folk style art was predominant in depicting the art. The murals in the palaces of Bikaner, Udaipur and Bundi are still reckoned as the classical woks of art and artistry of Rajasthani School of painting which has so delicately redefined the art and artistry of India.

Posted On : 04/13/09 9:38:19 PM

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Anju Malhotra
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
The simplest among these are done on wall, and though folk in style, they neverthless have some of the flavour of frescoes one sees in the old palaces. The tradition on painting the wall of houses with scenes from mythological and chivalric tales has been prevalent in Rajasthan for the past many centuries. Miniatures are the most famous among paintings developed under the patronage of various rulers. The are still continues, though with considerably less patronage, in places like Nathwara, Udaipur and Bikaner, although most paintings made now are copies of old originals. Pichvais: Noted among paintings are those made on cloth, known as pichavais, and intended as backdrops for the statue of the temple deity. Originally, these were made for different seasons and festivals for use at worship but later they came to be sold to pilgrims. In this thin layer of starch is applied on the cloth and painting is done in tempera. Phad: Special mention must be made of cloth scroll paintings rendered in folk style known as phads, depicting the lives of local heroes. They tell mostly the story of Pabuji Ramdevji and Dev Narainji whose exploits are sung by minstrels bhopas around the villages. The use of vibrant, raw colors and bold lines and a two dimensional treatment of figures with the entire composition arranged in sections are some of the unique features of these paintings.

Posted On : 04/14/09 12:03:07 AM

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Manisha Gupta
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Friday, May 13, 2011
To my biggest surprise no information about the Rajasthan school of arts is available on net except its address. I need the profile of the college including its historical background. Can anybody help

Posted On : 05/13/11 12:01:07 AM

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please send me address & phone no. of Bundi school of art & Kota school of art...
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