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Bamboo craft
Bamboo craft

Niran Kumar
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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Why Bamboo is called as Green Steel What are the Bamboo products popular in india. Could I get bamboo Chairs in Mumbai

Posted On : 04/09/09 3:58:28 AM

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Indravadan Modi
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Saturday, January 10, 2009
hi .. thanks all for such information on bamboo craft. However i would like to say that Niran you can easily get bamboo chairs in Mumbai. Would you be knowing Vijay Arcade, Dr. Lazarus Road at Naupada in Mumbai there are a number of shops offering cane and bamboo utility items. I also saw chairs there .. You can check.

Posted On : 04/09/09 10:53:48 PM

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Manpreet Bharara
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009
Cane and Bamboo Craft is one of the traditional tribal crafts in India. North Eastern States of India are famous for their handicrafts based on cane and bamboo. These are readily available in different styles and motifs. The items made out of cane and bamboo includes furniture, tribal costumes, household items, caps, musical instruments, and decorative items. Other products include sofa sets, murhas, mats, chairs, tables, and cane belts. Cane and bamboo have remained integral parts of life in Assam. The State produces a large variety of beautiful bamboo products like baskets, mugs for rice beer, hukkas, musical instruments, floor mats, fishing devices and handles. West Bengal has a tradition of fine work bamboo baskets, which are used for ceremonial purposes. Master craftsmen make winnowing baskets, special Pitaras, oval boxes, oblong caskets, and flower baskets. In the south, Tamil Nadu is famous for its kora grass mats. The most delicate mats in the world are made in Kerala.

Posted On : 04/09/09 11:19:47 PM

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Darshil Jal daru khanewala
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Friday, December 21, 2007
Hello all.. i visited and revisited atleast ten times all the posts regarding bamboo and cane craft in India. Its indeed our pride.. India is the second largest bamboo producing country in the world and has over 13 lakh bamboo artisans. However, do we know that many of them are unable to earn enough to lead a decent life due to dwindling rural markets, artisans inability to meet urban market requirements because of their non-exposure to new trends and lack of proper marketing channels. Lack of quality education, however, is only one of the many problems that plague the rural craftsmen. Even procuring bamboo the raw material for their products is a big hassle for many. .. What should we do to rejuvenate Bamboo craft

Posted On : 04/14/09 10:36:51 PM

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Joydeep Chakraborty
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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Bamboo craft is a majestic creations of artisans of Subarnapur. Lovely Bamboo products are attractive artifacts of daily use apart from being decorative items. These house hold item of Bamboo craft rejuvenate the power of purchase among the consumers. It is practiced by Betra communities of village Lachhipur of Sonepur Block, Beheramal of Dunguripali Block, Lastala of Ullunda Block & Binka town of Binka Block of Subarnapur district. Near about 100 nos. of artisans are engaged in the production & marketing of the craft. However, this craft is slowly being rejuvenated in the neighbouring areas and the crafts are later promoted in the fairs and festivals....

Posted On : 04/14/09 11:02:58 PM

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Roopanjana Buddhiraja
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Friday, August 22, 2008
Friends, do you know how Bamboo craft is made...? Firstly , the whole stem of cane and bamboo is cut with a hacksaw and split longitudinally. Then it is heated on slow fire for providing flexibility. The objects are made in two forms : either by coiling for baskets or weaving for mats. In coiled basketry , creation of basket is done by first coiling a cane around central core. It is built up spirally and coils are joined together by sewing strips. Therefore , basket is made by sewing the strips. Finally , ornamentation of basket is done with paper, lace and shells. Weaving process is done by hand using water to soften the splits. There are few varieties of cane and bamboo used for manufacturing of different products. Variety of cane: Barjali , Harua , Golla , Sundi for making baskets and furniture. Variety of bamboo: Jati , Tita and Lejai for making different items. Cane and bamboo craft has always been a part of Indian culture. The products made from them are universal and practiced by large number of artisans and craftsmen in India. Cane and bamboo products are used as decorative items as well as for functional purpose. They are immensely used and some of them are: Baskets: Basketry is carved with very fine designs and available in different sizes and shapes. They are very popular and used for different purposes like used as a container for house hold goods and crops. Baskets are generally of two types, one to be kept in the house for storage purposes and the other to be carried on the back for daily use. Chalani sieve : It is woven with fine bamboo slips in a criss-cross way with some open spaces between the different slips. Chalani is used for different purposes such as for refining tea leaves , paddy , rice etc. Crossbows: The crossbow is used with one hand consists of a central beam of bamboo with grooves and iron loops. It is made from thinner and lighter wood. Kula winnowing fan : Kula is prepared out of flat bamboo slips for winnowing purposes. It is one of the most popular household item used in Indian villages. Khorahi small basket : Khorahi is a small basket to allow water and dirt to pass out. It is woven in mostly plain and square form , made from fine bamboo splits for washing rice, vegetables, fish, etc. Dukula / Tukuri: Dukula is a big basket and made by bending the bamboo splits forming the warp. It is used for carrying and keeping rice , paddy etc. Bamboo Mats: Bamboo mats are made from split bamboo canes about 1/2 inch-wide strips , usually are water resistant with non skid backing material. Bamboo Bags: Bamboo bags are made from high quality and tropical bamboo . All of them have decorations done with various materials which give them a special appearance. Bamboo Container: Bamboo containers are used for storing small objects like jewelry , cosmetics , sweets etc. Bamboo Waste Bin: Bamboo waste bin is weaved using lid, using dark stains and with four legs. It is less expensive and made from good quality of bamboo. Furniture: Cane furniture is widely used in many homes. Cane furniture is strong, warm and light to move around.

Posted On : 04/14/09 11:40:45 PM

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Saturday, December 08, 2012
According to my knowledge bamboo craft is very beautiful art and it is so amazing. It looks attractive and is high on demand in market.

Posted On : 12/08/12 4:56:03 AM

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Monday, February 18, 2013
hi .. thanks all for such information on bamboo craft. However i would like to say that Niran you can easily get bamboo chairs in Mumbai.

Posted On : 02/18/13 12:41:39 PM

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zincsulfate chemical
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Thursday, May 09, 2013
bamboo craft is very beautiful.Bamboo crafts in India are very popular due to its eco friendly attributes. Since ancient times, bamboo crafts had been occupying a significant position as India produces a huge amount of bamboo and cane. The bamboo craft is associated with cane and bamboo, and had been a part of Indian crafts giving rise to the expression of tribal art and provided them livelihood. As India is blessed with deft artistry, these types of craft developed in this country very soon and with the changing of style and trend, the craft has developed its designs and deftly blended tradition with fashion. The Indian artisans are dexterous in creating bamboo crafts and arrays of bamboo items are famous in Indian as well as in abroad. Basically the artisans create variations in their creations. The craftsmen create different items with the help of different bamboos and canes that are locally known as `sundi`, `barjali`, `harua`, `golla` etc are required for making furniture and baskets. It is observed that generally three species of cane are exploited in commercial quantities- Jati (Calamus tenuis), Tita (Calamus leptesadix) and Lejai (Calamus floribundus). Some less important qualities like Sundi (Calamus garuba) and Raidang (Calamus flagellum) are also extracted for creating superb designs.

Posted On : 05/15/13 12:43:56 AM

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