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Global Warmig
Global Warmig

Riya Sen
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Global warming is a term frequently used by scientists and environmentalists. As a common man we people know very little about it and its ill affects. Moreover we need to know how can we contribute on our part to keep ourselves safe from this global warming. I request everyone to suggest some points and awareness facts related to global warming.

Posted On : 04/01/09 4:51:33 AM

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Bidyut Sinha
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Friday, August 08, 2008
The effects of global warming on India vary from the submergence of low-lying islands and coastal lands to the melting of glaciers in the Indian Himalayas, threatening the volumetric flow rate of many of the most important rivers of India and South Asia and addressing the issue, global warming is indeed the need of the hour. Scientist say that the Himalayan glaciers will all melt and there will be great floods. Then the rivers will dry up causing a shortage of water and a desert like situation. And temperatures will rise so high over 50-57 degrees centrigrade that heat waves will kill thousands of people. And ofcourse food production will be affected. Though sounds like a fiction but this is the fact The only thing I can think of as a layman is to start a strong people s movement to create a greater awareness. And as to the real solutions, I am not sure I know. But its not something that India can do alone.

Posted On : 04/02/09 4:24:12 AM

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Ragamala Chakraborty
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Global Warming is the major cause of rising temperatures and the emission of greenhouse gases. They trap heat India is vulnerable. Some foretell that in some places, temperatures could rise by up to 8 degrees by the end of this century Some cities will be in deep trouble. Its alarming indeed While some climatologists say that sea levels will increase by just 4-35 inches from 1990 levels in another hundred years some feel that the range could be higher - 20-55 inches. Thats a lot and will affect human habitat in a big way. A report shows : In orissa the frequency and intensity of droughts have increased and so have the incidents of flooding. Also, the intensity of cyclones has increased and people believed that the sea-water had become warmer. These poor villagers do not know why this is happening but climatologists know the villain is GLOBAL WARMING. The irony is these poor people didnt contribute to global warming they never aided in emitting the greenhouse gas Another report shows The industrialized countries are responsible for about 83 percent of the rise in carbon dioxide emissions since 1800.The contribution of India to global carbon dioxide emissions is around 4 percent, while it has 17 percent of the world population. still the blame of global warming is put on the developing countries.

Posted On : 04/02/09 4:44:33 AM

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