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Indian jewelries from assam
Indian jewelries from assam

Rumani Phukan
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
The rich tradition of Indian culture is also seen in its jewelries. The colorful states of the country have their unique jewelries which are typical of that state. Has anyone heard of jewelries from assam Gold is always the most-used metal for jewellery in Assam. Though other materials like silver and other metals are also in use. The traditional Assamese form of manufacturing of jewellery is still in vogue. Assamese jewellery include the loka-paro bana gaam-kharu gal-pata jon-biri doog-doogi gam kharu dhol-biri and keru. These are unique designs which are not available in other states. can we discuss more

Posted On : 04/15/09 2:27:49 AM

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Riya Sen
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Gold jewelry is very famous in Assam. There are traditional designs of jewelries in Assam which are skillfully designed by jewelers of that state and which cannot be made by others. The jewellers known as Sonari make exquisite Doog-Doogi, Bana, Jon-biri, Dhol-biri type lockets Thuriya, Loka-paro and Keru earrings Gaam-kharu bracelets and Gal-pata necklaces. Gold has always constituted the most-used metal for jewellery in Assam, while the use of silver and other metals too have been there for centuries. Gold washing and manufacture of Jewellery were two important ancient industries in Assam & gold dust was abundantly found in the sands of different rivers of the state. References to gold in Assam in the early period are found in the writings of the classical writers and the earliest reference is found in the ARTHASASTRA . During the rule of the Ahom Kings, gold washing was done on an elaborate scale and the state derived considerable income from the yearly tax levied on Gold washing. Gold was locally available, flowing down several Himalayan rivers, of which Subansiri is the most important. In fact, a particular tribe of people, the Sonowal Kacharis were engaged only for gold-washing in these rivers. Jorhat in Upper Assam is one place where the traditional Assamese form of manufacture of jewellery is still in vogue, and people flock to Jorhat to get the exquisite Assamese jewellery. In December 2008, a leading jeweler has deisgned diamond jewellery branded as Pragya: inspired by the culture and heritage of Assam. Pragya has been derived from Prgajyotishpur, the ancient name of Guwahati city and the brand was dedicated to reflect the pride and glory of the state. Assam Jewellery comprises of a dazzling variety of gold ornaments. The specialty of jewellery in Assam lies in its exquisite designing, polish and shimmer. The tradition of jewellery-making was present in the state of Assam many centuries back. The delicate and conventional designing traits of the ornaments are sufficient enough to prove the age-old existence of jewelry industry in Assam. Although gold is the commonest of ingredient which is used to make various ornaments, Assam Jewellery also includes use of other metals like silver. Jorhat is known to have the hub of Assam jewellery as in this place one can find fabulous variations of gold and silver ornaments. Located in the upper parts of Assam, Jorhat boasts of skilled and veteran jewellery-makers who are engaged with the profession from a very long time. Having a number of jewellery outlets within its premises, Jorhat receives not only thousands local buyers every day but also a huge rush of foreign tourists too. The indigenous Assam jewellery items that mark the specialty of this industry are: Jethi poti, which involves a pendant and parts of clothes placed in the shape of medallion Loka paro, which is available in the shape of two birds embellished with minakari, ruby or gold Kopo phool, which comes in the shape of two tiny shoes joined together with the help of a floral attachment Jonberi, whose front is embedded with ruby whereas the back side is embellished with enameled decorations Providing a striking array of both traditional and contemporary ornaments, Assam Jewellery truly captivates the attention of one and all.

Posted On : 04/15/09 4:42:26 AM

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