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Mughal Influence in Indian Costumes
Mughal Influence in Indian Costumes

Indravadan Modi
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Saturday, January 10, 2009
I want to know about the influence of Mughals in delineating Indian costumes..

Posted On : 04/09/09 2:22:54 AM

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Darshil Jal daru khanewala
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Friday, December 21, 2007
With the ushering in of Islamic rule in India the mode of head-dress underwent a sea-change and the Persian and Central Asian influence was soon observed in the country s main fashion flow. According to Jamila Brij Bhushan in the Muslim period The caps worn were of many shapes pointed with a boss at the tip,conical with broad,upturned brim,triangular or pointed.Sometimes it was down-shape with seems visible in the middle .We observe that Mughal nobility sported varied kind of Pugrees.About the Mughal emperor Jahengir Francois Bernier noted that The turban of gold cloth, had an airgrette sic whose base was composed of diamonds of an extra ordinary size and value,besides an oriental topaz which may be pronounced unparalleled exhibiting lusture like Sun . For commoners we find a reference of a Pugree known as Kaj Kulah One who wears his cap awry . Amir Khushru wrote that the dandies of Delhi wore the type of caps which were short turban and oblique caps .Another peot,Mir Tazi Mir, wrote that this Kaj Kulah was donned by people of older age as if to hold on to their youthfulness. It can be observed from the contemporary paintings and literature that till the time of Akbar, Persian dress was worn by the Muslims in India,But during Akbar s rule an Indo-Muslim cultural amalgamation took place which paved the path for induction of Rajputana head-dresses . Jamila Brij Bhushan wrote The Mughal turban different from the contemporary Bakhara type is not having loose fringed ends striking out of both sides...It may have been at this time that the veil the dupatta of the Rajput women,surperseded the woman s turban in the Zenans of the Kings and nobles . In the Muslim era Pugree was universally acknowledged as an emblem of dignity.

Posted On : 04/09/09 11:21:16 PM

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