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Muhammad Ali jinha and Pakistan
Muhammad Ali jinha and Pakistan

Sonali Sundar
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
The entire credit of creating of Pakistan goes to Muhammad Ali jinha. Was he right in his view point Second thing whatever happening now in Pakistan is it not a blessing in disguise to India so far as political instability Army interference in government is concerned Want an impartial disscussion.

Posted On : 04/07/09 11:27:08 PM

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Maniam PS
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
I don t believe that the creation of Pakistan was entirely Muhammad Ali Jinha s idea. The architects of Pakisatan was actually the British and Muhammad Ali Jinah was the scapegoat. From what I have read, Britain was not very happy in giving Independence to the then India but as they were forced to by the situation in hand, they made use of the religion and Muhammad Ali Jinha to split India into two countries.

Posted On : 04/08/09 12:37:50 AM

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Kongkan Nag
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Saturday, March 14, 2009
I think Maniam is right in his point of view about the creation of Pakistan. I also think that it was not solely the credit of Muhammad Ali Jinnah to create Pakistan. As far as the present scenario in Pakistan is concerned, I don t think it is a blessing in disguise to India. Rather I think, it is probably a threat in disguise for India. The Talibans are increasing their strength day by day and are also disobeying Pakistan s constitutional rules, quite blatantly. They have already captured a significant portion of Pakistan including Swat. News is there that Talibans are thinking of moving towards Pak-Occupied Kashmir POK for having a better shelter. If such news are to believe, then I think Talibans are going to become a great danger for India in the near future. The present unstable democratic government of Pakistan will just add strength to the Talibans. I think India must keep a close eye on any kind of political development happening in Pakistan and also think about a proper strategy if Talibans really move towards Kashmir. India should not forget that Pakistan is a nuclear-power and God forbid, if Talibans can seize the central power in Pakistan, it would definitely be the worst situation India has ever faced. After all, no one would like to have the Talibans ruling a neighbouring country. So, I think India should be very cautious at the moment.

Posted On : 04/10/09 5:25:22 AM

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