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Sadhe Sati
Sadhe Sati

Abhi Tripathi
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Monday, January 07, 2008
What is Sadhe Sati How it effect a person

Posted On : 03/16/09 2:34:49 AM

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Tushar Ghodake
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Saturday, December 06, 2008
Sadesati is one of the hardest period in every one s life. Saturn is belived to be planet of sorrow & hardships. Saturn completes its rotation around the Sun in 30 years. Thus Saturn passes through each sign for a period of 2 years. When Saturn passes through the 12th Rashi sign from the birth moon sign, the sadesati begins. When Saturn passes through the 2nd sign from the birth sign, sadesati comes to an end. Depending on the power of the original horoscope, original Saturn, Jupiter & their placements in horoscope, the hardships & damages during the sadesati vary. Some of the results of sdesati are frequent failures, loss of property, money, illness, trouble in the career, worry etc... It is advisable to wear a Stainless/Silver/Gold Ring of Neelmani Blue Saphire in the middle finger of right hand during sadesati. It is advised to first test if theBlue Saphire is useful, by placing it in the pocket, or tying to the arm etc... So also this ring needs to be powered by mantras. Consult a knowledgeable Astrologer. During sadesati reading the Shani Stotra gives a good protection from sadesati. 8 Division Approach to Sade-sati We can summarize the results of the ongoing Sade-sati. This method used to profile Sade-sati results, divides the 7- year transit period of 2700 days into 8 parts. Each division carries its own particular indications as follows: # Of days physical influence results 100 mouth loss 400 right arm victory 600 feet foreign travel 500 belly gains 400 left arm sorrow 300 head elevation to position 200 eyes happiness 200 rectum sorrow We know that each sign of the zodiac relates to a particular part of the human body. The body part affected during Sade-sati is determined according to the relative strengths of the Rising sign and the Moon sign. Whichever influence is stronger indicates which body part will be most sensitive to disease or disorder during Saturn s transit.

Posted On : 03/20/09 10:30:09 PM

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