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Sahitya Akademi award
Sahitya Akademi award

Priyadarshini Misra
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Monday, August 25, 2008
The Sahitya Akademi awards prizes to the most outstanding books of literary merit published in any of the major Indian languages recognised by it. The award carries a monetary component Rs. 40 000 and a plaque. Let us discuss about the personalities who received this prestigious award....

Posted On : 04/14/09 10:12:38 PM

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Roop Chatterjee
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Jibanananda Das is the most popular Bengali poet after Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam, who has received this award. He is considered one of the precursors who introduced modernist poetry to Bengali Literature, at a period when it was influenced by Rabindranath Tagore s Romantic poetry. During his life time Jibanananda remained solely a poet who occasionally wrote literary articles, mostly on solicitation. It is after his death that a huge number of novels and short-stories have been discovered. Thematically, Jibanananda s storylines are largely autobiographical. His own time is constitutes the perspective. While in poetry he subdued his own life, he allowed it to be ushered into his ficiton. Structurally they are based more on dialogues than description by the author. However, his prose shows a unique style of compound sentences, use of non-colloquial words and atypical pattern of punctuation. His essays evidence a heavy prose style, which although complex, is capable of expressing complicated analytical statements. As a result his prose was very compact, containing profound message in a relatively short space. Translating Jibanananda Das JD poses a real challenge to any translator. It not only requires translation of words and phrases, it demands translation of colour and music, of imagination and images. Translations are a works of interpretation and reconstruction. When it comes to JD, both are quite difficult. However people have shown enormous enthusiasm in translating JD. Translation of JD commenced as the poet himself rendered some of his poetry into English at the request of poet Buddhadeb Bose for the Kavita. That was 1952. His translations include Banalata Sen , Meditations, Darkness, Cat and Sailor among others, many of which are now lost. Since then many JD lovers have taken interest in translating JD s poetry into English. These have been published, home and abroad, in different anthologies and magazines. Obviously different translators have approached their task from different perspectives. Some intended to merely transliterate the poem while others wanted to maintain the characteristic tone of Jibanananda as much as possible.

Posted On : 04/15/09 12:40:17 AM

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Ragamala Chakraborty
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Shankha Ghosh is an Bengali Indian poet and critic who received this award. Ghosh was born on February 6, 1932 at Chandpur of what is now Bangladesh. Shankha Ghosh is regarded a leading authority on Rabindranath in addition to being one of the most prolific writers in Bangla. Sunil Gangopadhyay is a celebrated Indian poet and novelist. He was the founder editor of Krittibas, a seminal poetry magazine started publishing from 1953, that became a platform for a new generation of poets experimenting with many new forms in poetic themes, rhythms, and words. Later, he started writing for various publications of the Ananda Bazar group, a major publishing house in Kolkata and has been continuing it for many years. After serving five years as the Vice President, he was elected the President of the Sahitya Akademi on February 20, 2008. Arun Mitra was a Bengali poet. In 1948, Arun Mitra was awarded a scholarship by the French government to do his doctoral work at the Sorbonne, and Arun went reluctantly as he was not happy to leave Shanti and their two children behind. In Paris, Arun befriended the historian Ranajit Guha and the painter Paritosh Sen and also spent time with Aldous Huxley and French poets like Paul luard and Louis Aragon. After his return to India, Arun joined the faculty at Allahabad University and taught there until his retirement. He was always a poet first, and during his Allahabad years published much, including his only novel and translations of various French poets and writers- from Rimbaud to Sartre, from Voltaire to St. John-Perse.

Posted On : 04/15/09 12:50:32 AM

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Manpreet Bharara
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009
Rahul Sā nkrityā yan 1893 1963 was one of the most widely-traveled scholars of India, spending forty-five years of his life on travels away from his home. He became a buddhist monk Bauddh Bhikkhu and eventually took up Marxist Socialism. Sā nkrityā yan was also an Indian nationalist, having been arrested and jailed for three years for creating anti-British writings and speeches.Sankrityayan was given the title of Mahapandit Great scholar for his scholarship and he was both a polymath as well as a polyglot. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar was an Indian Hindi poet, essayist and academician, who is considered as one of the most important modern Hindi poets. Dinkar emerged as a rebellious poet with his nationalist poetry in pre-Independence days. His poetry exuded veer rasa, and he has been hailed as a Rashtrakavi National poet evoking the spirit of nationalism on account of his inspiring patriotic composition. 3 As a mark of respect for him, his portrait was unveiled in the Central Hall of Parliament of India by the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh on his centenary year, 2008. Sumitranandan Pant was one of the most famous modern Hindi poets. He is considered one of the major poets of the Chhayavaadi school of Hindi literature. Pant mostly wrote in Sanskritized Hindi. Pant authored twenty eight published works including poetry, verse plays and essays. Bhagwati Charan Verma was one of the leading writers in Hindi. He wrote many novels, but his magnum opus was Chitralekha , which was made into two successful Hindi films, 1941 and 1964.He was awarded the 1961 Sahitya Akademi Award in Hindi, for his epic five-part novel, Bhoole Bisre Chitra and in 1971 the Padma Bhushan, one of India s civil honours and nominated to Rajya Sabha in 1978.

Posted On : 04/15/09 1:06:06 AM

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Dipen Guha
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Friday, December 25, 2009
The poet who strove to be novel from the realm of Rabindranath, even during the latter s life time was Buddhadeb Bose. He shunned Tagorian influences and engaged himself in anti-Rabindranath campaign by virtue of his literary works. His works on modern poetry initiated with PRAGATI MAGAZINE from Dakha. He had in his credit a great deal of English literary works. As a professor in English literature and comparative literature, he proved his brilliance in literature, culture and philosophy. THITHI BHOR and PATALE EK RITU the novels to reckon with. His first poetical work was MARMABANI, followed by BANDIR BANDANA , prithibir prati, KANKABATI, DAYAMANTI and others. The poet who was outrightly nurtured with the conviction of Rabindranath, tried vainly to get rid of this bent. TAPASWI O TARANGINI earned him the Sahitya Natak Akademi award in 1967.

Posted On : 02/23/10 10:00:52 AM

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