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Indian Pottery
Indian Pottery

Manpreet Bharara
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009
Flower vases, ashtrays, paperweights, coasters, trinkets, showpieces, decorative figures and tea sets crafted into a bewildering array of colors and designs are popular pottery decor. I want to know more about Indian Pottery. the history and where is it now

Posted On : 04/19/09 10:22:16 PM

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Priyadarshini Misra
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Monday, August 25, 2008
Hii Manpreet, the origin of pottery in India can be traced back to the neolithic age. Coarse handmade pottery in various colors such as red, orange, brown, black and cream mainly consisted of different types of bowls, jars, vessels, etc. Harrappan and Mohanjodaro cultures heralded the age of wheel-made pottery. These were featured by well-burnt black painted red wares. The phase of glazed pottery started in the 12th century AD, when Muslim rulers favored potters from the Middle East to settle in India. Glazed pottery of Persian models with Indian designs, dating back to the Sultanate period has been found in Gujarat. The terra-cotta objects are made by hand or on the wheel, and firing them in an open oven. The surface is rubbed and polished, with a wood or stones while it is still wet. The first pottery unit run in India was by Sir S Deb, in Calcutta. It established the success of high-class pottery made out of local clay. Porcelain factories were set up in Gwalior and Calcutta in first decade of 20th century. Today, the pottery industry is run on both cottage and modern lines. Hundreds of small and big factories all over the country keep this age-old tradition alive. Apart from commercial and sociological implications, pottery in India has been regarded with deep religious significance. For instance, if no image of a deity is available, a water-pitcher is worshiped as mangalghat good omen . The translucent blue pottery of Delhi and Jaipur, with its unique arabesque patterns, has gifted a touch of regal grandeur to the art of pottery. Functional items like flowerpots or Diwali lamps too are a part of this fascinating tradition in India.

Posted On : 04/19/09 11:18:11 PM

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Ragamala Chakraborty
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Hi friends, Indian Pottery Industry has its origins steeped in the antiquities . Tradition of pottery in India is an age-old handicraft. This was claimed to be the expression of human emotions at the beginning and then became the way to create utilitarian objects. This is one of the most sensual arts in the Indian handicraft industry. Indian Pottery Industry came into existence with the Indus Valley Civilization and the artwork has been continuing in various areas such as pottery, earthenware, and porcelain for ages. Pottery and earthenware are utilitarian and also decorative while porcelain and studio pottery belong to the sphere of art in the later years. Pottery making are both handmade and wheel-made that is practiced all over India. Ever since the Harappan Civilization, pottery making in India has been a significant craft and the potters were always esteemed at that time. They were the best masters of their trade.

Posted On : 04/19/09 11:31:01 PM

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Joydeep Chakraborty
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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Hi all.... Among the various media chosen by man for expressing his joy through art, music or literature, the simplest has been this clay art. the soft and malleable clay has been used in Indian pottery since ages. Pottery is the measure of a country s civilization and India is no exception. Being one of the oldest crafts, man has expressed his feelings and his aesthetics in clay. A piece of pottery has a visual message in its shape and colour. It is the most sensual of all arts of India. It developed primarily as an utilitarian artistic expression. In a warm country like India pots for storage of water and grain were in demand. The Indus valley pottery was mostly decorative. The combination of design, concept and execution made it beautiful. The evolution of Indian ceramics began with the Harappan age and the art of shaping and baking clay articles as pottery, earthenware and porcelain has endured through the ages.

Posted On : 04/20/09 12:27:10 AM

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Prerna Gupta
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Hi friends..... India s diversity can easily be found in the profusion of the art- pottery which is expressed in innumerable shapes and sizes. This aspect is almost inseparable from any Indian scene. The common earthenware is unsophisticated. The shapes are natural, simple but attractive and true to the material. In India, the emphasis has been on the chasteness of the line to lend dignity to the form. Above all, it has to be superbly functional. The most common clay object is the container used for keeping water or grain. even in the modern day with the popularity of other thousand materials pottery has not lost its charm. Pottery in the modern days used for festive purposes is particularly gay. There are immense variety of festive pottery objects specially produced for the occasion like lamps for Diwali, toys for Dussehra, pots for seedling at Sankranti and the gaily-painted pots for marriages. Common pottery comes in a bewildering profusion. Being functional, each has a special use.

Posted On : 04/20/09 12:28:38 AM

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Neeraj Swaroop Sharma
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Monday, May 21, 2007
Pottery in India, the center of pottery is Khurja a town in Uttar Pradesh where you will find many small scale pottery industries making Flower pots of different sizes and colours, Cup Plate, Ash Trays, Paper waights, coasters, Fuses and even Electrical switches. Pottery is ancient art / technique used to prepare utensils in the early civilization era. The earthen pots were also discovered at the site where traces of Harrappan civilization were found.

Posted On : 04/22/09 6:35:37 AM

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Thursday, July 16, 2009
Pottery has been one of the ancient arts practiced in India. Pottery is ancient art / technique used to prepare utensils in the early civilization era. The earthen pots were also discovered at the site where traces of Harrappan civilization were found.

Posted On : 07/16/09 6:25:39 AM

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