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Temple architecture in India
Temple architecture in India

Hriday Chawrasia
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Sunday, January 04, 2009
Indian architecture has its best representation through temple architecture. In each part of India, the temple architecture reflects the tradition.....Can we discuss the temple architecture in India in north, south, east and west...

Posted On : 05/16/09 3:30:27 AM

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Maniam PS
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
In the South, the Dravidian style temples consist almost invariably of the four following parts, arranged in various manners, but differing in themselves only according to the age in which they were executed: 1. The principal part, the actual temple itself, is called the Vimana. It is always square in plan, and surmounted by a pyramidal roof of one or more stories and it contains the cell in which the image of the god or his emblem is placed. 2. The porches or Mantapams, which always cover and precede the door leading to the cell. 3. Gate-pyramids, Gopurams, which are the principal features in the quadrangular enclosures that surround the more notable temples. 4. Pillard halls or Chaultris, properly Chawadis, used for various purposes, and which are the invariable accompaniments of these temples. Besides these, a temple always contains tanks or wells for water, to be used either for sacred purposes or the convenience of the priests. Dwellings or Quaters for all the various grades of the priest-hood are attached to it, and numerous other buildings for state or convenience

Posted On : 05/17/09 8:59:24 PM

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Rufi malik
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Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Basically temple architecture is classified into Three according to the style -Nagara,Dravida and Vesara.Nagara style is seen in the North India and Dravida style in South ,while the vesara is coommonly seen in Orissa,central India.

Posted On : 05/19/09 9:43:16 PM

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Thursday, October 08, 2009
Hi Temple architecture played a major role to keep safe indian culture in indian pepole whenever you go in india you will defenatily find temple. indian temple are good in architecture also like Raameshvaram, somnath , palitana is well known for thier architecture.

Posted On : 10/08/09 11:48:51 PM

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Dipen Guha
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Friday, December 25, 2009
The structural temples in India may be broadly divided into two classes, according to the shape of the sikhara i.e. the towering superstructure above the sanctum containing the image of the god. Those in North Indian temples look like a solid tower with curvilinear vertical ribs, bulging in the middle and endingina very narrow necking covered by a distinct ribbed piece of round stone known as amalaka . The sikharas in Southern India have the appearance of straight-lined pyramidal towers, made up of a series of gradually receding stories divided by horizontal bands, and ending in a dome, or occasionally, a barrel-roofed ridge. Both the North and South Indian sikharas are decorated with sculptures, which often, specially in the former, take the form of miniature reproduction of the sikhara itself. According to geographical distribution, these two styles of architecture are known respectively as North Indian or Indo-Aryan and South Indian or Dravidian. The large number of temples at Bhuvaneswar in Orissa illustrate the evolution of the North Indian style. The temples consisted mainly of two parts, the cella or sanctum roofed by the sikhara , and a mandapa or porch in front covered by a low pyramidal roof. The Lingaraj Temple at Bhuvaneswar and the Jagannath Temple at Puri are the specimens. From the Orissa coast on the east to Kashmir on the west, the whole of North India was studded with temples of this style.

Posted On : 12/28/09 8:01:07 AM

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