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Prediction of a Tsunami & Earthquake
Prediction of a Tsunami & Earthquake

Maniam PS
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
I frankly do not know how far this is true, it could be a bluff, but there is a prediction that there will be another tsunami or earthquake hitting on 22 July 2009. On this day there will also be sun eclipse. The prediction says that it is going to be really bad and countries like Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak , Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Philippines are going to be badly hit. Please check and advise whether such a prediction has been heard in any part of India. Meanwhile, just as a precaution, please stay away from the beaches.

Posted On : 07/19/09 8:40:52 PM

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Arjun S Menon
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Thursday, August 13, 2009
I Know that this i am too late to post a reply for this post. But I think to clear such a doubt is a must. This was an email threat as far as I know. Firstly now we are aware that it was just a false prediction. There are two points which have been pointed out. One: the prediction connects the earthquakes with solar eclipses. First of all the sun has nothing to do with the earthquake. The earthquakes are only due to the plate movements. There is a feel atleast to someone that earthquake can be predicted. this is also not true. No instruments can predict an earthquake. But if a major quake occurs, some secondary quakes can occur as an after effect of the first one. But it is not possible to say when and where the secondary earthquakes will occur. Even though there is a possibility for such an assumption, I dont think it is scientifically correct to call it a prediction . Then comes the Tsunami part. From the above note it is clear that an earthquake cannot be predicted. Then it is commensence that Tsunami due to earthquake cannot be predicted. Only after the occurance of an earthquake, different parameters of the quake is studied and only after that somebody can predict whether that perticular earthquake can give rise to a tsunami or not. And to provide sitespecific predictions of tsunami one have to depend on the buoy network basiclly they measure waterlevels data and numerical simulations.

Posted On : 08/13/09 5:52:12 AM

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